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UNICO Pedometer Regression tool "cannot open regression_tool.config" and "cannot generate configuration file"


I'm trying to use the UNICO Pedometer Regression tool in offline mode to analyze accelerometer data from the LSM6DSO32 accelerometer. I have followed the instructions from the UNICO user manual regarding data format:

-file name data_steps138.txt

-data sampled at 26Hz

-+/-8g full scale

-data formatted to mg and tab separated, with x, y, and z axis data in that order on each line.

Every time I try to run the tool I get a popup error at 1% completion saying "cannot open regression_tool.config". After closing that pop-up, the main window says "error: cannot generate configuration file". I have check the root UNICO folder and find no evidence of either file.

Help debugging this issue would be much appreciated.


Accepted Solutions

Try to run the tool as the administrator on Windows. It helped me.

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Try to run the tool as the administrator on Windows. It helped me.


That worked for me, thanks very much!

Associate II

I have the same issue - but I am running in MacOS.

I suspect it is a permission issue but I temporarily gave Unico full disk access and it still didn't work.

Has anyone had it working on the Mac?

I could not get it to work on the Mac - the progress bar would sit at 1% and never move, and then the error "cannot open regression_tool.config" is reported (after a long time).

The documentation (UM1049) indicates "Once the regression has been completed, the tool generates a folder under the Unico root" which is in the Application folder in MacOS and C:/ProgramFiles (x86) etc in Windows. This, to me, seems a bad idea and is likely the cause of it not working in the Mac as it protects the Application folder from changes.

It would make more sense for the output files to put in the same location as the input data (pattern) file.

Could that be considered in the next version of Unico please?

I am running Unico V9.12.0 (latest at this time)

Tested on MacOs v12.5.1 and Windows 10.

Also, the documentation doesn't address dealing with the Pedometer UCF file when others (eg FSM and/or MLC) UCF files are also generated. Should it be merged as the MLC and FSM are, or just loaded independently?

Any details on the contents of the UCF file would be great too - the FSM UCF is detailed but not the MLC or Pedometer.