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LIS3MDL noise and maximum accuracy

Associate II

In my system that found the heading angle using the LIS3MDL sensor, the maximum error value was 3 degrees using the ellipsoid calibration method. Also, although I used the sensor in low noise mode, I saw that the data in Matlab graphics was very wavy and noisy.
What is the accuracy value of the LIS3MDL sensor? What should I expect the max and average values to be? And what can I do to reduce noise?
Thanks for your help

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @arslanoglu ,

What do you mean as very noisy? On which axis? From our datasheet the RMS noise should be 3.2 mGauss for X and Y axis and 4.1 mGauss for Z axis.

The accuracy depends on which is your FS, you can find it in the datasheet too.

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