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Is VL6180X really a stable sensor in practice?

Associate II


I am using VL6180X sensor in project to detect hands or other objects, without using API. I am setting registers myself. One thing that is really disappointed me regardless of other amazing features, is the interrupt and flags. Whenever the interrupt rise, I have to clear the flag. If I do not clear the flag, then there is no interrupt.

My question is, does anyone have experienced malfunctioning of this sensor when everything is set correctly? I feel the sensor (maybe its MCU), stops working for any reason and it requires a restart.

How could I check regularly if the sensor is scanning ranges?


ST Employee

Interesting question. ST has sold many, many millions of them, but it's not obvious how they are used.

There really isn't anything that should stop the sensor. Although we did write an addendum to the datasheet that suggests grounding the N/C pins to reduce EMI susceptibility. Another improvement would be to use a good strong pull up on the reset GPIO. Noise on that line can cause issues.

If you want to find if the sensor is still alive and kicking, there is no reason you cannot query for 'done' even though are waiting for an interrupt.

Another thing you might do is have a look at the 'isbooted' flag. Upon bring-up it's set. IF you clear it, you can periodically check it, if it's ever reset to 1, you know the sensor rebooted.


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