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Continuous Range measurement VL6180x without API

Tobias Nagel
Associate II
Posted on June 07, 2017 at 15:08


I am trying to use the VL6180x without an API and want to communicate to it directly by I2C. Therefore I use the USBISS. Performing measurements with single shots works fine. I can also read out the results easily by messaging the single registers. But when I try to go into continuous mode, I simply write to the register 0x018 the byte 0x03. After that I try to read out the device by contacting the 0x62-register in a for-loop, having pauses of 100 ms for each read. Sadly this always gives me the first value that has been measured (it's like the device still works in single-shot mode and I am reading out the same result over and over again).

I have also set the Intermeasurement period to the smallest value.

Am I forgetting something?

Thanks in advance and regards!