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Audio USB interface for IM69D130 MEMS Microphones


I recently bumped into an audio USB interface which might fits my needs : the STEVAL-MKI138V1. Indeed, I want to get the audio signals of 4 MEMS IM69D130 microphones onto my PC on Audacity, through a USB audio interface like the STEVAL-MKI138V1. However, this card is not produced anymore, and I have not found anything similar. Do you have any recommendations ? 


Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @Louis_Lafeuille ,

Welcome to ST Community!

STEVAL-MKI138V1 has been declared obsolete and it is no more possible to reproduce again. It is possible to use X-NUCLEO-CCA02M1 adding 4 digital microphones like for example STEVAL-MIC002 (MP34DT06J) or STEVAL-MIC006V1 (MP23DB01HP). In this scenario is possible to have a simple "castle" composed by NUCLEO-F4xx, X-NUCLEO shield and microphones adapter.

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