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Algobuilder With Sensor Hub

Associate II


I am trying to integrate the magnetic sensor data for the sensor_fusion_9x demo.  I am using the F401RE+1A3+LSM6DSO16IS and when I leave the jumpers as standard I get no mag and the demo runs.  I obviously get no mag data since the sensor hub is not being jumped in.  When I change jumpers the to allow the IMU to act as a sensor hub then the device can connect but there is no option to start and i get no data at all.  I did make sure to add the shub.ucf data to the demo.ucf so that I was initing the sensor and hub. At this point I dont know what I am doing wrong but the only thing i can think of is that the MCU software from algo builder cant find the sensors and it is blocking.  Any help would be great.

Associate II

I did change the i2c jumpers as well with no luck 

Miroslav BATEK
ST Employee

Unfortunately I will not work, if you connect the magnetometer to sensor hub of LSM6DSO16IS the default firmware will stuck because it will not see magnetometer on I2C bus. You would have to create your own AlgoBuilder Firmware template without magnetometer.

Associate II

Is there an app note on that or maybe a template they used to created to use the ispu demo code?

I see the old way to create a firmware template using Cube Algobuilder.  The issue I see is that there is no firmware template folder so i would have to assume that the software has been updated since then.  I am using Version which would be the latest.  How do I co about adding a new configuration.  I tried adding an entry in target.xml and config.xml but that did not seem to help.