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Host interface with BlueNRG-2

Keval Soni

I am developing a custom board in which I want to interface a BLE chip and for that, I am looking forward to using BlueNRG-2 in my design. From what I have studied online BlueNRG chips support only SPI based interface with the Host controller. The programming guide says that the chips do support the UART interface with the Host but there is not much details about it anywhere else.

I want to know whether the chip support standard HCI interface over UART or not?

If yes, then is there any document available for interfacing.

Hoping for a reply as soon as possible so that I can finalize my design.

Associate II

The older BlueNRG chips only supported SPI for what ST calls the Network Coprocessor interface. It is not a standard HCI interface but includes higher level functions built on top of HCI. The new BlueNRG-2 supports both UART and SPI. It depends on which DTM image file you load onto the BlueNRG-2.

The best way to get documentation is to download the DB2931: BlueNRG-1, BlueNRG-2 DK SW package. It has most of what you need in there.

Associate II

The SDK does not provide a single example of how to use UART with the BlueNRG in network coprocessor mode. There are example projects that either use SPI, or are specific to the eval boards thats ST provides to test out the BlueNRG chip. Additionally, I have not been able to locate any documentation that clearly describes the process by which you need to set up the BlueNRG chip in network coprocessor mode over UART. There are bits and pieces here and there, but overall this has been an insanely frustrating process of investigation.

If I am missing something, and you can point me in the right direction, I would be forever greatful.