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VL53L5CX driver vl53l5cx_init() fails

Associate II

The Ultra Light Driver (STSW-IMG023) init function vl53l5cx_init() fails in this section :

/* Get offset NVM data and store them into the offset buffer */
	status |= WrMulti(&(p_dev->platform), 0x2fd8,
		(uint8_t*)VL53L5CX_GET_NVM_CMD, sizeof(VL53L5CX_GET_NVM_CMD));
	status |= _vl53l5cx_poll_for_answer(p_dev, 4, 0,
		VL53L5CX_UI_CMD_STATUS, 0xff, 2);

The sensor does not answer with '2' as expected by _vl53l5cx_poll_for_answer. (The senosr answers '0')

This results in a failed initialization.

How can this be fixed?


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