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implementing VL53L5CX into a custom design, with the smallest STM Controller as possible

sde c.1
Senior II

Hi all,

i choose to use VL53L5CX_ULD_driver_1.3.1. (i think this is the minimum driver?)

I try to implement the VL53L5CX into a custom board.

As we live in strange times i want to order chips before starting the development.

In the many datasheets i have read, i could not find minimum hardware requirements to be able to use this chip at full performance.

Preferably i want to use the cheapest MCU i can get with lowest pincount.

I did find the driver+firmware use +/- 92KB FLASH, so i need at least 128KB preferable 256 KB to implement my own code and bootloader into the same MCU.

But i cannot find maximum usage of RAM used by the driver

Is there a minimum recomended clockspeed to get the max performance out of this sensor?

Obviously I need I2C interface…

Something else i missed?

Thank you

ST Employee


For the flash you will need around 95kB, for the RAM it is 5kB.

To get the max performance of the sensor the ideal is to set the frequency to 1MHz.

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