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how to use VL53L0x or VL53L1x ranging data make 3D depath map module ?

Associate II

The VL53L0x or VL53L1x hardware interface is IIC ,I want to know ​is the range data they output can use to make 3D depth map module? and how do it? Is it have some design details?


ST Employee

If you want a 3D depth map, may I recommend just buying the VL53L5CX.

The L5 provides an 8x8 'image' of depths. Each range is about a 5x5 degree area and for a lot of purposes it works a lot easier.

read the documention on the VL53L5CX. Maybe buy the evaluation kit from Mouser or Digikey and give it a try. It might just work for you.

  • john

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Associate II

Thank you so much.and may you have a Website link about VL53L5CX evaluation kit?Thanks�?

Associate II

Hi Josn:

Here I have another question about VL53L1CB,in its datasheet,It says,Time-of-Flight ranging sensor with advanced multi-zone and multi-object detection and can apply to Dual camera stereoscopy and 3D depth assistance thanks to multi-zone measurement. So ,may VL53L1CB use to range objects depth and make 3D depth map module? As like VL53L5CX?

thanks again.​