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ST Staff marking solutions

Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

Sometimes (often ☹️ ), the OP disappears without marking a solution - even when it is obvious that a solution was found.

In this case, I sometimes see that ST Staff will mark the solution.

This seems fine to me, but I  think it would be good to distinguish when this has happened.

eg, here:

The notification tells me this was marked by ST (@SofLit ) - not the OP:


But there's nothing to show that in the thread itself.

On the TI forums, they do separately identify, "TI marked this as the solution"

Senior III

I understand why sometimes the OP disappears (for instance losing access to work email due to changing jobs and ST doesn't allow changing email address). Good idea to show who marked the solution. Transparency is important.

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Community manager
Community manager

Hello @Andrew Neil , 

Thanks for this idea! This matter is on our radar already, but I can not give you the exact timeline for the implementation yet.
Once we will have more news, I will let you know. 


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