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"Authentication Failed" while being logged in



Community manager
Community manager

Hi @waclawek.jan and @Tesla DeLorean

Are you continuously facing these issues? We are still investigating, but I would like an update from your side if possible. 

Best regards,

In recent months things have been more reliable, so would imagine you or your identify verification provider has resolved or tinkered with things or settings.

I do occasionally get situations where things time out, or the redirect/forwarding just fails. ie you get to a blank screen, says it's confused or you refresh and it claims to have no idea what the request was. You end up going back and forth to the originating page/post and it either succeeds as now it thinks I'm logged on, or it repeats the log on process. Like I said it's mainly in the redirect via the login, and even if that completes quickly. Some times I think the quickness is the problem, fields auto-fill and I bang the login button.

Occasionally when trying to reply I get complaints about credentials, the Red Box error warnings, and that generally means the system has logged be out.

Other times if I cut-n-paste stuff out of other posts I get an HTML warnings. Sometimes hitting Post again works as it re-rendered or processed the post internally. Or I just need to re-paste using "without formatting". Mostly with things where it looks like it's Quoting, or Code Blocking something I've pulled from within the rendered frame for the post/page.


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Had it fail on my phone this morning, despite going through the process quickly, the forwarding was already complaining that the link had expired.

Which honestly seems ridiculous, not sure why it can't make a best guess as to the page it was supposed to be going too, or at the very least provide some information or context, as the age couldn't have been more than a second or two.

Tips, Buy me a coffee, or three.. PayPal Venmo
Up vote any posts that you find helpful, it shows what's working..

Yesterday in the evening I could not log in:



This was persistent until around midnight.