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Please remove"go up arrow" in mobile phone view

It is useless (we are normal adults and perfectly capable of moving to top of page using native means) and annoyingly gets into way.



Community manager
Community manager

Hi @waclawek.jan, I assume you refer to this blue arrow at the bottom of the mobile screen - correct?

Personally, I find it quite useful especially for longer threads. Also, for me it only triggers when I press it and not when accidentally holding it down. 
Do you have a concrete use case where it is not working as expected? If there is a bug, we will of course look into it. Otherwise, this might be a topic of personal preferences to be honest.  



Hi @Amelie ACKERMANN ,

Yes, the blue arrow.

It tends to overlap quite a significant portion of the "Reply" button, when writing a reply. It may be my particular phone, nonetheless it's there.

> I find it quite useful especially for longer thread

Browsers have native methods to move quickly even in longer threads - most nontrivial pages are too long to fit onto one screenful on mobil phones, so this is quite a vital feature of the browser anywa -  so this is simply redundant.

I don't say this is a pressing issue, but I suggest to get rid of it after the more acute problems are solved.