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Can't paste image from website

Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

For example:


I wanted to post the picture of the NUCLEO-F446RE from the ST Product Page. So I right-clicked the image on that page, and chose 'Copy Image':


Then went back to the forum, and pasted into the composition window - and got the error shown (there's multiple errors because I retried a few times).

I even tried opening the image in a separate tab, and copying from that: 

Same error.

The workaround was to copy into my image editor, then immediately copy again from there, and paste into the post.

This has been happening increasingly lately.



Hi @Andrew Neil,

Thanks for sharing your experience. We are investigating this issue.



I should add that it's not just images from ST pages.

And sometimes there is no message - the paste just does nothing (I can verify that there is an image on the clipboard by pasting into something else)