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I am using nucleo491re MCU  to communicate with tca9537 GPIO-Expander . I want to use GPIO  for on/off  in tca9537 based on i2c . IN tca9537 I have four resister 1. Input(read) address( 0x01) 2.output (read/write) address(0x02) 3.polarity address( 0x...
I have generated an pwm of 1khz from timer now I  want to read adc reading  for once for each cycle of pwm after 50 microsecond of rising edge how to do if anyone have code please send in stm 32 .
I want to read  voltage of an  analog waveform  of 1khz after 50us of every rising edge and skip other reading of every cycle how to configure adc in stm32 if anyone have code for this please help..