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I have tried setup STM32G071 Sink port and connected with Apple 140w. I want to request 140W but it's seem STM32 not yet supported EPR mode in PD core. Do you have any examples for EPR in STM32?
Hi supporter,I have one question: I want to change Port Role when no cable connect, can I do it?my behavior:Init usbpd with default role is Sinkwhen my application running, I see my adapter plugin, I want change my port to sinkCan I do that?
my stm32 set default is sink. when Phone connected, it's sink and the nego finish. after that, I change it to source to charge this phone, but it's soft reset.please refer trace attach
STM32G071RB USBPD Source:First time, plugin usb-c cable, STM32G071RB send some source cable, the SRC power negotiation finishdisconnect and plugin cable again, the PE task not weak-up, no source cap packet send in type C bus. the source code go to so...
STM32G071RB USBPD Source auto send Source Cap when start debug: after reset, I'm not connect cable to C-Type port, I click start debug ( ST-Link ), I send about 50 packet of sourcePlease see in trace and config in attach file
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