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Dear sir,I am using STM32F769NI microcontroller. I want to glow to different Leds on one external interrupt line i.e. Led1 on rising edge and Led2 on falling edge. Can you please suggest me the solution.Regards,Manoj
I am using STM32L010K4. I want to reduce the sleep current to 3uA ,But in the datasheet it is mentioned the the minimum sleep current is 1mA with all the peripherals disabled, which is a larg value  
I want to know the values of C1,C4,C7,R2,R3,R4,R5,D3 in EVALSTDRV600HB8. My frequency of operation will be 25KHz to 40Khz.Regards,Manoj Hiwarkar
I want to read an image from an android phone via usb. Pl suggest me some microcontroller
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