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Hi! Is there release date for the new VD55H1 sensor? Does it come with a development set?Best,Wayne
Hi, I would like to know if VL53L5CX emits only signals at this wavelength 940nm or from 900nm to 940 nm, because when I put the sensor in front of a lidar using 905nm, it is clear that the lidar picks up the interference signal from VL53L5CX. If so,...
Is the default value of 5% recommended for most indoor use cases?
For VL53L5CX: what does "ResultsData->distance_mm[ZoneNum]" exactly mean? Is it the distance of the object in the zone from the sensor in a straight line or is it the distance of the vertical plane in which the object is located from the sensor, when...
Hi, because there is almost no information about Motion Indicator from the existing docus, could you pls explain how does it work. And what does it aim to be used?Thanks,Best regards,Wayne
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