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AN2659, chaining interrupts, how?

Associate III

AN2659, section 4.1.3 Vector table redirection, says that "The primary interrupt table contains a set of jumps to the user interrupt table" but the same code that accompanies this document does not seem to implement this - does this code just need to be extended?

Also AN2659 claims that if I edit the USER BOOTLOADER PROTOCOL PARAMETERS etc in `main.h` then the resulting code will use these but this does not seem to be correct.  For example the pin that triggers the bootloader appears to be hardcoded to GPIOD and ignores the user custom settings.  Did I miss something?

Associate III

This is how I have created the bootloader vector table, which I think should chain to my application which starts at flash address 0x8A00 (the application vector table is at that address).  Is this the way I should be doing this?

#define MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR 0x8A00ul

struct interrupt_vector const _vectab[] = {
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)_stext}, /* reset */
	{0x82, NonHandledInterrupt}, /* trap  */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+8)}, /* irq0  */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+12)}, /* irq1  */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+16)}, /* irq2, CLK  */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+20)}, /* irq3, EXTI0  */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+24)}, /* irq4, EXTI1  */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+28)}, /* irq5, EXTI2  */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+32)}, /* irq6, EXTI3  */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+36)}, /* irq7, EXTI4  */
	{0x82, NonHandledInterrupt}, /* irq8, reserved  */
	{0x82, NonHandledInterrupt}, /* irq9, reserved  */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+48)}, /* irq10, SPI, end of transfer */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+52)}, /* irq11, TIM1 */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+56)}, /* irq12, TIM1 */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+60)}, /* irq13, TIM2 */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+64)}, /* irq14, TIM2 */
	{0x82, NonHandledInterrupt}, /* irq15, reserved */
	{0x82, NonHandledInterrupt}, /* irq16, reserved */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+76)}, /* irq17, UART1, Tx complete */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+80)}, /* irq18, UART1, Receive register DATA FULL */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+84)}, /* irq19, I2C */
	{0x82, NonHandledInterrupt}, /* irq20, reserved */
	{0x82, NonHandledInterrupt}, /* irq21, reserved */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+96)}, /* irq22, ADC1 */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+100)}, /* irq23, TIM4 */
	{0x82, (interrupt_handler_t)(MAIN_USER_RESET_ADDR+104)}, /* irq24, flash */
	{0x82, NonHandledInterrupt}, /* irq25, reserved */
	{0x82, NonHandledInterrupt}, /* irq26, reserved */
	{0x82, NonHandledInterrupt}, /* irq27, reserved */
	{0x82, NonHandledInterrupt}, /* irq28, reserved */
	{0x82, NonHandledInterrupt}, /* irq29, reserved */