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Able to control STM8S nucleo board, but same code to chipset on my own board does nothing. How can I debug?


I use STVD with the cosmic compiler, SPL library and STVD to flash. I am able to control the STM8S208RB Nucelo board with this setup, and verify the board is functioning correctly.

I then lay out a PCB with a STM8S003F in a TSSOP-20 package. The layout is bare bones: just the control pins to talk to the chipset (Vcc, GND, SWIM, NRST) and the stability cap.

I update the code to turn on pin 11 [GPIO PortB-5], I update the MCU in the project settings of STVD, I update the MCU selection in stm8s.h, and I update the MCU in STVP as well. I'm able to compile and flash the program with the USB st-link v2 mini available from Amazon.

When I go to execute a file in ram from STVP, nothing happens. I verify the Vcap capacitor voltage is proper (1.8V). The voltage to the chip (pin9 VCC) is 3.3V. I monitor the voltage on pin11 [PB5] and see 0V. I want to turn it on and off to get me started, but after several hours of trying to figure this out I'm stuck.

Could someone point me in the right direction? Anything I've forgotten to change?