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STM32CubeProgrammer 2.14.0 released

ST Employee

STM32CubeProgrammer v2.14.0 release information

New features:
• Updated the support for the entire STM32H5 series:
 – Debug authentication with password or certificate
 – Authentication key provisioning
 – Key generation
 – Firmware encryption and signing
 – Certificate generation
 – SFI support, secure manager install, and module install/update
• Added support for microcontrollers in the STM32L5 series and STM32WL series:
 – SFI integrity check
• Updated support for the STM32U5 series:
 – SFI support for the STM32U535/545, STM32U575/585, STM32U595/5A5, and STM32U599/5A9
product lines
• Added support for the STM32U5Fxxx and STM32U5Gxxx microcontrollers:
 – SFI support: user interface and command-line interface
 – SFIx support:
   ◦ Via debug: user interface and command-line interface
   ◦ Via bootloader: command-line interface only
Refer to the STM32CubeProgrammer software description user manual (UM2237) for details

Fixed issues:
129635 [STM32MP15x] 128‑Gbyte SD™ card programming error.
133771 [STM32U5] Unable to set the OEM1 and OEM2 keys through DFU.
136574 [STM32 MPU][GUI] Unable to program a .tsv file when some partitions are not selected.
143511 [STM32CubeProg][macOS][Ventura][USB][ST-LINK] STM32CubeProgrammer hangs during connect.
144488 [GUI] Offset on more than 32 bits is not handled properly.
145562 Periodic reading of bootloader version via ST-LINK.
145606 [Live Update] Disable checkbox on connect.
145769 [STM32CubeProg] Quiet mode is disabled when -rdu is used.
146512 [STM32CubeProg][STM32U5][OpenBootloader] Failing to run OpenBootloader correctly.
146515 [STM32CubeProg][CLI] SWV is working only on port 0.
148404 [SVD][STM32C0] Integrate STM32C0 SVD files.
149042 [Database] Unable to program target via bootloader interfaces (Device_ID = 0x467).
149212 [GUI] Deselect all buttons not working properly in external loaders tab.
149330 [STM32CubeProg][STM32G0B1CBTx D467] Wrong flash memory size for STM32G0B1 with 128 Kbits.
149467 [Database] Unable to program target via ST-LINK interfaces (Device_ID = 0x470)
150019 [STM32CubeProg][EL] Wrong display of custom EL sectors.

Known problems and limitations:

Please check the Release Note

Download Link:


Associate II

Can we get an Apple Silicon build of STM32CubeProgrammer?

Currently, it looks like it is only x86_64, including the whole bundled jre, and it crashes during most operations.

Associate III