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How to get STM32CubeProgrammer working in Windows 10 (x64)? (Works in console but not in GUI Application)


Hi @all,

I have big problems in using the STM32CubeProgrammer (latest release). My hardware setup is nothing special ... It's a STM32F407 connected to a ST-Link device (3.3V, GND, DIO, CLK).

This works like a charm if I use the console application:


So I think wiring should be fine and in general the ST-Link should do its job. (And I assume that the correct drivers are installed and working)

But if I move over to the graphical application, I have no luck at all to do anything.

Here is my setup:


Sometimes the progress bar at the bottom shows some sliding animations, but that's all.

This is really frustrating because I need the application for some bootloader flashing with 3d printer boards.

The wired thing is ... If I use the good old ST-Link Utility, it works:

0693W00000aHuoeQAC.pngSo I am really confused ... Two applications work flawless, but the STM32CubeProgrammer GUI always makes trouble.

Did anyone here make the same experiences? Is there anything I can check, configure, test, ... to get rid of this annoying problem?

Thx in advance!


ST Employee

Welcome, @DSchm.6​, to the community!

If you have not connected NRST of the target MCU, Reset Mode: Hardware Reset should not work either. The old ST-LINK utility, which is already on NRND and was only available for Windows, behaves somewhat differently.

In your case, if you set the STM32Cube programmer in the GUI to Reset Mode: Software Reset, the connection should work.

Hope that helps?



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