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USB (Mass Storage Class) Not detected in STM32F405

Associate III

Dear All,

        In my project, I am using STM32F405RG MCU for file read/wirte operations using FATFS.I declare the physical

drive as USB DEVICE (Mass storage Class) ,while I am generating a  code  for USB DEVICE(Mass Storage Class) its only works for  STM32CUBEMX V6.3 and its not working  higher version of 6.3.

       If any specific reason behind that,please guide me.


      STM32CUBEIDE V1.12.1

      STM32CUBEMX  V6.3


USB Device? You want to write to a USB Flash Drive via FATFS? Surely that would need you to be a USB HOST.

Perhaps looks at the FW Upgrade examples for the STM32F407-DISCO board for "hosting" a Flash Drive.

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Associate III

@Tesla DeLorean 


                        First of all sorry for my mistake, its USB HOST right.Iam using SDIO and USB HOST via FATFS for 

read/write/create/unlink the file. SDIO is working fine of all version of CUBEMX but USB only works below V6.4 for me.