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STM32L4R5QII6P missing in STM32cubemx and not available to buy.



i want to design a board around STM32L4R5QII6P. It is not listed in STM32cubemx tool. Another issue is the lack of availability of this chip with any distributor. Similar controller without dedicated Vcore pins is available (part number STM32L4R5QII6), but to reduce my power consumption i want the one with external SMPS supply option.

-Is STM32L4R5QII6P too new a device to be supported in stm32cubemx (version 5.2.0) tool and not available to buy? Any plans by ST to add it in stm32cubemx? If yes than any approximate timeline?

-is STM32L4R5QII6 a drop in replacement for STM32L4R5QII6P? So till the time i am not able to get the P version, i do my prototypes with STM32L4R5QII6.

thanks for the help.