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I need more info on the CubeMX CLI (Command-line interface) placeholders.

Kristof Mulier
Associate III

1. Some background


I'm working in a startup designing a new free IDE named Embeetle ( We support many ST-microcontrollers and even built an importer for CubeMX projects. Besides this importer, we also maintain a few "standard blink-LED" projects for some Nucleo-boards.

To maintain these "standard blink-LED" projects, I wrote a script for each Nucleo board to generate the corresponding CubeMX project automatically. Whenever there's an update in CubeMX, I simply run these scripts to get new fresh projects. This saves me a lot of time.

2. The CubeMX CLI


The scripts consist of commands for the CubeMX CLI (Command-line interface). I found some documentation in the CubeMX user manual (UM1718). However, this documentation is largely insufficient. Take for example the set mode command:

set mode <Periph> <Mode Name>

I know how this command works, but usually I don't know what to put in the placeholders <Periph> and <Mode Name>.

3. My problem explained


Sometimes I can guess what to fill in for the placeholders. I found out that


turns on the FREERTOS operating system. But in other cases I'm clueless. For example: I don't know how to change the "High Speed Clock" source from BYPASS to Crystal/Ceramic Ceramic. I've already tried the following commands:

set mode RCC HSE "Crystal/Ceramic Resonator"

None of this works.

4. Conclusions


The most acute problem I have right now is that I don't know how to change the HSE clock source. But in general - on the longer term - I would like to have more documentation on the CubeMX CLI interface. Especially what I need to fill in for the placeholders like <Periph> and <Mode Name> is mostly unclear right now.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

One more IDE?? Hmm.

Agreed, Eclipse CDT is painful at times, But it has a huge community and improves.

There is

There are other projects such as Microsoft Code ...

The debugger is the crux of any IDE, and is the Open OCD.

-- pa

Hi @Pavel A.​ ,

We have a very different approach than most other IDE's. You can have a look on our website:

Feel free to share your thoughts with us 🙂

Already looked, already shared 😉