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CubeMX Configuration for UART RX Interrupt Not Working STM32H730

Associate III

Hi, I am working on a project on the STM32H730, using UART5 to receive midi. I have an interrupt configured for when a new midi byte is received to pass it to my midi library to handle the data. However, in testing I am finding the interrupt never gets called. I have used this method on the STM32L152 before and it has worked perfectly, I can't tell what is different in .IOC configuration that the UART interrupt is not working now. I see the midi signal on the pin in my scope, and the UART5->RDR register changing when a new byte is received. 

I've attached my .ioc configuration for UART5 and for NVIC interrupts, is there anything here that points to the problem? Please let me know if there's any additional information I can share to make this easier to diagnose.



Lead II

Hello @EPala.2 

You may have to take a look to the ES0491 section 2.17.2. It may be the problem.

Best regards.



Check that its not got some framing or noise type error.

Read the status registers for the USART. Read the RCC clock registers.

Does the USART transmit successfully, and at the anticipated speed?

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