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Warning to CubeIDE users: CubeIDE sometimes Deletes projects, folders, code and breaks projects when migrating.

Senior II

I had code in a hal_it.c and CubeIDE deleted it when I disabled an interrupt in CubeMX. It deleted the whole callback function including the USER code. ( why not comment it out instead of destroying ? ) The 'history' feature did not work in CubeIDE, so I had to resort to an older backup I made outside of the framework. I may have not noticed right away since detecting deleted parts of code requires testing the app which may not happen right away.

On a second occassion, I upgraded CubeIDE1.9 to CubeIDE1.12. It deleted ALL of my projects when it created a new STM32Workspace directly, wiping out all of my projects in that directory. ( overwrite directory without warning )

Now that I try to open projects created in CubeIDE1.9 in CubeIDE1.12, I get a generic error with no details and the project won't open. I now need to create new projects and manually copy code files. The error seems to be associated with projects which were originally duplicated without having their associated .cproject file contents renamed to the new project name. I also had to import using 'Existing Projets into Workspace' and not 'Projects from Folder or Archive'.

There should be a 'Rename Project' feature which renames entries in: