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STMCubeIDE running previous build before running latest build


Basically what I said in the title. After rebuilding and running, it first runs the most recent previous build and then after a few seconds, the newest build.

I even made a new project from scratch but I get the same result.

I am using an STM32F411RE. I only autogenerated the code for USART2 and it's global interrupt. I then added 2 lines of code to transmit a string to Termite. I never use the global interrupt.

My added code:

uint8_t stdnum[] = "&_25962906_*\n" ;
HAL_UART_Transmit(&huart2, stdnum, strlen((char*)stdnum), HAL_MAX_DELAY);


What do you mean by it runs the previous build? How does the previous build differ from the current build? If you've modified a file, the previous version of that file no longer exists on disk, at least not in a manner than STM32CubeIDE can access.

Perhaps some screenshots would help. It could be you're misinterpreting another project being built, or another action taking place.

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