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stm32cubeide freeRTOS task list update

yang hong
Associate II

I am using nucleo-f439zi in stm32cubeide with freertos debug. It seems everything is working, the only thing is that I need pause program if I would like to see freertos task list status. Is it possible to track task list status when system is running?

ST Employee

Hello @yang hong,

 In stm32CubeIDE, the following views are available for FreeRTOS:

  • FreeRTOS Task List
  • FreeRTOS Timers
  • FreeRTOS Semaphores
  • FreeRTOS Queues

If the Run Time column in the FreeRTOS Task List view displays after making three settings

Please check the settings in paragraph RTOS profiling information in UM2609

PS: the problem can arise if project is not built with an optimization level -O0

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I did all following manual instruction for FreeRTos, however, I still need suspend program to make FreeRTOS task list update. Is it true for this feature?


Finally, I got some explanation from manual.



Frankly, I am little bit disappointed because stm32cubeide can't make task list view to update during the program running.