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ST-Link V2 usb drive error


I am currently trying to test my PCB that I made using the STM32F407VGT6 microcontroller. I have my code to toggle a led using a gpio output pin on the controller connected to the led on a breadboard. Under the system core on STM32IDE I have the SYS configuration set to serial wire for the debug mode and the timebase source to SysTick. When I go to run my code which is just the simple code to toggle the led on and off, I get this message: "unexpected flash size for ST-Link micro. Don't know how to upgrade."


I'm not sure how to go about debugging the problem as I have done some digging to try and find out what the solution to this could be.

ST Employee

Hello @keatonr,

Are you using STLinkUpgrade version 3.14.5?

I think you have the same issue reported in this post. This is an issue with STLinkUpgrade.jar v3.14.5 and this will be fixed in the coming release of STLinkUpgrade.

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