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Live Expression values are shown wrong


The variables in the live expression are showing incorrect values. Previously, they showed the correct values, but after making several changes to the .ioc file and the code, the values are now displayed incorrectly.

Below, I have provided some pictures for reference. In these images, the TCP_state variable should increase by one from 0 to 9, but it starts at 33554432 and goes to 50331648 when incremented by 1. Additionally, the MQTT_Ready variable should become 1 when it is set, but instead of 1, it shows 256. When I put multiple MQTT_Ready variables in the live expression, different values are shown, but in the actual code, it should be 1. If I put a break point and hover over the variable it shows the correct value. only wrong in the live expression. Interestingly, if I try to copy the project to a new name, sometimes the problem goes away.

so, what should I do?

Screenshot (963).png

Screenshot (964).png

Screenshot (965).pngScreenshot (967).png