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Is there support for github copilot?

Associate III


I cannot find any information about the possibility to use github copilot in the STM32CubeIDE. Is it available or are there any plans to support it in the future?

Or do you recommend using it in VS only?

Thanks you for your answer

ST Employee

Hello @Hueli.1​ 

First let me thank you for posting.

Take a look at this post which is related to your question.

Kind regards,


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I am trying to use github COPILOT, not git. As stated in the linked post the accepted solution is no longer working.

It looks like stm32CubeIDE does not have a copilot extension currently.

There is an Open source project for eclipse though...does that work?


@Semer CHERNI​ do you have some information about my question?

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Hi I am also looking for a way to use copilot in STM32CubeIDE. Is there any update on this topic? Its possible to use copilot in visualStudio Code but I am not since I am more familiar with debugging in STM32CubeIDE it would be nice to have also the copilot running there. 

b.r. David

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Hi, I am in the exact same situation as @dbahr and probably many others. Bump!

Pavel A.
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Let's ask the AI itself. Here is the info right from the beast's mouth:

Me: Dear Bing, how to use github copilot with Eclipse IDE?


As of now, GitHub Copilot is not directly available for Eclipse IDE. But don’t worry! There are alternative options you can explore:

  1. Tabnine: Tabnine provides a similar concept to GitHub Copilot. It offers the benefits of a free tier and the option to self-host. You can install Tabnine from the Eclipse Marketplace. In this demo, they use EquoIDE to handle installation 1.

  2. Unofficial GitHub Copilot for Eclipse: There is an open-source implementation called eclipse.copilot that aims to bring GitHub Copilot functionality to Eclipse. You can install it from the provided update site 2.

  3. Reverse Engineered Implementation: Another project called eclipse-github-copilot-integration is based on reverse engineering the VSCode and IDEA plugins. It’s an open-source implementation of the GitHub Copilot AI model for Eclipse 3.

Remember that while these alternatives provide similar features, they might not be as seamless as GitHub Copilot itself. Choose the one that best fits your needs and workflow! 

Source: Conversation with Bing, 13/11/2023