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Installing CMSIS and CMSIS_DSP - missing files

Associate III

Board H745ZI

I have installed ARM.CMSIS  5.8.0 and CMSIS-DSP 1.15.0 via the IOC>Software packs> and selected the components I want available under Select components. I have then enabled them under Middleware and software packs so CMSIS and CMSIS-DSP are both green and ticked. I have clicked the generate code icon and I can see ARM_CMSIS under Middlewares>Third_Party>ARM_CMSIS and under Middlewares>Third_Party>ARM_CMSIS>Source I can see a bunch of the source files for DSP functions. The weird thing is that a whole bunch of functions are missing. So if I clean the project (just to check the compiler can see all of the required files) I get a bunch of errors. 

What I do not understand is STM32CUBEIDE is clearly looking in the correct place, it just seems not all the files have been copied over from the pack repository. 

Can someone help?


ST Employee

Hello @MEde.1,

I recommend you following this article: Configuring DSP libraries on SM32CubeIDE, it would help you.


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I'll take a look. If I use the dev DSP under CMSIS (as opposed to CMSIS-DSP) everything is fine.