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Disassembly view buggy?

Associate II

This is using Stm32CubeIDE  Version: 1.14.0 Build: 19471_20231121_1200 (UTC)

When I hit a breakpoint that says "view disassembly" that button often goes to a blank disassembly view. Same if you try and go to a particular address.  

If you close the current view and then re-click, or open a new view then it works again for a bit. 

Also when scrolling it jumps to another address, and sometimes I'm sure it gets mis-aligned so the disassembly is incorrect and you have to open another new one and start again.

Anyone else finding these issues?

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Does your program run in external memory?


No - this is just all internal flash (on an STM32H743 nucleo 144)

Chief II

When you are in debug , at an instruction (in C), then click on "instruction stepping mode" and you get the assembler in a new window. I never found a problem with this.

On H7 maybe it depends on the optimizer setting, if you set it not to -O0 , there can be "logical" problems:

Because the optimizer doing reorder code (out of order, etc.) and so the debugger has a "problem": the C instruction is not there as assembler code, but on other address and poor debug now shows the address with "wrong" code or even gets the problem, the code not existing at all ("optimized out") - what should it show then ?

So try with optimizer off , -O0 , and  click on "instruction stepping mode" and you get the assembler.

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Thanks - but this is all in Debug and no optimization.  As I say if you click on instruction stepping it works for a bit - but if you try and scroll then it gets all mis-aligned and sometimes just goes blank. Closing and reopening works for a bit.

My main issue is I have 2 programs in, and trying to debug a bootloader jumping to elsewhere. It's all working now, but the buggy disassembler view is pain to work with.

GDe M.1


this seems working on my side: