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Defines not changing grayed out statuses

Associate II

Using STM32CubeIDE 1.15.1.  Running LwIP_Server_socket_RTOS on a Nucleo-H723ZG board.

When I change #define LWIP_DHCP to zero my DHCP stuff is not grayed out.  It definitely starts using static IP, I'm able to connect and see the web pages.  I'm used to IDE's responding to #define changes, should I not expect this with CubeIDE?



Accepted Solutions
Andrew Neil
Evangelist III
Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

Do you have the option enabled?

Do you see shading elsewhere?

You may need to rebuild the editor's index:


Yes!  Exactly the solution... thank you very much.  I guess I'm used to this happening with each clean/build cycle.  Is this something that can be automated, or included in the clean/build?  Just curious why this stuff is not done automatically.  Thanks again for your help.

It should just happen "on-the-fly", but sometimes it gets "stuck" and needs a manual rebuild/refresh.

Hopefully, having done that, it will now work ... ?

No, it stays stuck... I've tried the clean/build and just build_all... the graying doesn't change until I do the index thing.