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Cannot import System Workbench project

Associate II

Project works in System Workbench for STM32 - Version:

When attempting to import into STM32CubeIDE Version 1.7.0, this popup appears:

0693W00000Dm3IQQAZ.pngOK, fine - I pick the correct MCU.

Then the same popup appears...

At this point, it doesn't matter if you press OK, Cancel, or close the popup, the popup will reappear. Infinite popup loop.

The only way to get out of this situation is to end the STM32CubeIDE task.

ST Employee

Hello @inojosh​ ,

How many build configurations do you have in the project?

This popup comes up for each build configuration you have and you would need to select the correct MCU multiple times, depending on the number of configurations.

If you click X or Cancel no choice will be made and the popup will continue to show up asking for a clarification of the target.

If you're uncertain then open the project in system workbench to see how many build configurations there are and expect that many popups (if any of the targets of those configurations are invalid for STM32CubeIDE).

Associate II


I have 3 build configurations, but I can go through this dialog box 10 times (each time selecting the correct MCU) and it still continues to pop up.

It should be more clear in any case, like "Multiple possible MCUs for build configuration "Debug", please select best match".

Also, "Cancel" should cancel the import, this cancel button does nothing.

MCU is STM32F767BITx (for all build configurations) if that matters, which is a valid target in both IDEs, so I don't know why this popup even occurs.

I'd like to get these projects migrated so I don't have to bounce between two IDEs. Let me know what other information I can provide to get this working.

Hello again!

Is it possible for you to share the specific project to me? Or is it a standard STM32F767BITx project for SW4STM32?

I'll try to reproduce and ask the developer who created the feature what they think.

It is a standard project as far as I am aware, although it is several years old so its original creation would have been in an older System Workbench version.

Technically it would be possible to share the project, though it is about 1. 8GB and would have to be done through some secure manner.

Just FYI, still unable to import in newer version of cubeIDE (1.8.0)

@inojosh​ just sharing .cproject & .project should be ok to reproduce. Feel free.