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Cannot establish Firmware Updater network connection

Associate II

STM32CubeIDE version: 1.14.0
OS version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8


I'm having trouble getting the "Check Connection" button under the "Firmware Updater" preferences to work.

I'm running behind a corporate proxy, and have the "Active Provider" under the "Network Connections" preferences is set to "Native", which pulls in the proxy settings from my system. And this allows other connections to work such as "Eclipse Marketplace" and "Available Software Sites".

Two things to note:

  1. If I switch the "Active Provider" to "Direct", the "Eclipse Marketplace" no longer works. Putting it back to "Native" allows the Marketplace to work again.
  2. In the "Available Software Sites" preferences, I'm able to "Reload" all the sites, including the sites pointing to

Number 2 is of importance, because when attempting to run "Check Connection", the following line is printed to the workspace/.metadata/.ide.log:


[WARN] CheckConnectionManager:291 - Warning during Server Connection :  timeout Connect to [,] failed: Connect timed out


So it's able to reach it for reloading Software Sites, but not for anything else.

Any thoughts on how to get this working? Thanks!

ST Employee

Hello @plwalsh 

First let me thank you for posting.

Since you are connecting via a PROXY you need to set the "Network connection" settings to Manual.

Check this article for more details.


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Hi Semer,

I should've mentioned that I also tried using "Manual", but it did not work. And I just tried it again now and the "Check Connection" still fails.

What exactly would be the difference between "Manual" and "Native" anyway, when the end result is the same settings? My host system has an /etc/profile.d drop-in script that configures the proxy variables. And when I open "Network Connections" and set it to "Native", those variables are auto-populated with the correct values configured by the drop-in script.

It seems the only difference between setting it to "Manual" is that I then have to manually type in the variable values that were already auto-populated by "Native". Or am I missing something?


Associate II

Hi Semer,

So it turns out that even being behind a corporate proxy, and always needing to have my http_proxy and https_proxy variables set to "", the only way for the "Check Connection" button to work is by selecting the "Direct" provider in the "Network Connections" settings panel.

After spending days trying to figure this out, there are two issues I've noted:

  1. The "Eclipse Marketplace" only works when using the "Native" provider, while the "Check Connection" (and any other updates/refreshes) only works when using the "Direct" provider. That doesn't seem to make sense.
  2. The ST documentation, specifically the aforementioned article, needs to be updated to indicate the need for clicking "Apply and Close" after making any changes in the "Network Connections" panel and before attempting to click the "Check Connections" button. Otherwise, the "Check Connections" will not use any of your network/proxy changes.

Please update that documentation so other people don't waste as much time as I have already.

Thank you!