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How to set the network connection parameters for STM32CubeIDE and STM32CubeMX

ST Employee

After updating or installing STM32CubeIDE 1.13.x or STM32CubeMX 6.9.x, you will be asked to connect to your STMicroelectronics account to download the packages. That is why you need to choose one of the following types of proxy server.

Use System Proxy Parameters for STM32CubeMX

On Windows, proxy parameters are retrieved from the PC's system settings.
Deselect “Require Authentication" if the proxy server is used without a login or password configuration.


Manual Configuration of Proxy server

Enter the proxy server http address and port number. Enter login/password information or deselect “Require Authentication” if a proxy server is used without a login or password configuration.
Therefore, if your machine is connected to the internet via a proxy, you need to set the correct connection parameters to establish the link to the server.

Connection parameters for STM32CubeIDE:

Go to [Window]>[Preferences]>[General]>Network connections]

Change [Active provider] to Manual.
Update the proxy entries for HTTP and HTTPS with specific HOST, Port, User, and Password using the [Edit...] button.
Got to [Window]>[Preferences]>[STM32Cube]>[Firmware Updater] and click on the "Check connection" button.


For more details, check the STM32CubeIDE user manual UM2609 section 1.5.3 Preferences - Network proxy settings.

Connection parameters for STM32CubeMX:

Go to [Help]>[Updater Settings]>[Connection Parameters]

Set the proxy HTTP and the port Number
Enter the login/Password information or deselect "Require Authentication" if needed.
Click on the "Check Connection" button to verify the connection is active. A green box is displayed to confirm the connection is properly working.


For more details, check the STM32CubeMX user manual UM1718 section 3.4.1 Running STM32CubeMX behind a proxy server.

These steps should enable you to log in to your myST account in tools and download the requested package.
If the proxy settings have not solved the problem, try to contact your company's IT support. Perhaps you need a specific access right (if you are using the tools in a company with a specific network connection).

Install packages while offline

It is possible to install the package offline. For this purpose, you need to download the pack from the web site

For STM32CubeMX:

In the Home view click on the "Install/Remove" button.

Click on the "From Local" button.


Navigate to the firmware download file.


Then follow the installation instructions.

For STM32CubeIDE:

Go to [Help]>[Manage Embedded Software Package].
Follow the same steps as for STM32CubeMX from step b.

For more information check STM32CubeMX user manual UM1718 section 3.4.3 Installing STM32 MCU packages.
This action is required in the following cases:
• It is impossible to access the internet, but the integrated software is available locally on the computer.
• The embedded software is not public and therefore not available on the internet. For such packages, the STM32CubeMX cannot detect and offer updates.

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