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Which one would you choose?(DK2 / EV1 : EMMC)

Associate II

Hello Everyone.

I am using stm32mp157c DK2 and EV1 for my project.

I thought that the board suitable for my project purpose is DK2 for the following reasons, and EMMC is required in addition to this.

In the current DK2 configuration, removing HDMI, DSI LCD, and AUDIO and reducing USB to 1 will make the board I want.

Also, I am using SPI communication by connecting another board to the Arduino Port.

I only want to add emmc booting here.

(I think that i2c, spi, uart/232/485 are all possible in the listed Peripheral ports)

In the case of ev1, emmc is configured, but it seems that there are too many unnecessary functions.

In your case, what you choose between the DK2 and EV1 in the same situation as me?

And how do I use EMMC with DK2?

If I connect EMMC connected to EV1 to DK2 identically, how do I proceed after this?

I am also thinking about connecting emmc after removing the sdcard to the sd card pod that is currently connected.

Or is it convenient to use EV1, remove unnecessary ones, and match the ports configured in DK2?

I'm not sure yet. I need your help.