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TSV file format and debugging




We are currently in the process of bringing up and industrializing an embedded STM32MP1 board with eMMC as main data storage.


We would like to flash the eMMC via U-boot using a tsv file.


We have a couple of tsv files that are working correctly, but some aren't and it's been really hard (not to say a real pain) to debug precisely the issue of why exactly the file is wrong.


Using the following command : ./STM32_Programmer_CLI -c port=usb1 -d board-emmc.tsv, the error I get is the following :


Error: TSV file proto-new.tsv not conform: it may miss some columns or fields
Error: TSV flashing service failed


This is generic and provides no detailed infos about the actual error.

Is there any tools or ways to further debug tsv files ? Sorry if I'm missing something obvious ...






Jean-Marc B
ST Employee

Hi @Vauteck 

TSV file should only contains tabulation as separators.

More details are available from this wiki page:

Best regards,