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The usb ethernet (LAN7850) does not work normally in stm32mp.

Associate II

I am testing lan by connecting usb ethernet (LAN7850) to stm32mp157f-dk2 board.

Drivers microchip.ko and lan78xx.ko are loaded automatically and device eth1 appears normally.

But when I connect or remove the cable to the lan port it doesn't recognize it.

It appears to be registered as an interrupt, but the log is 0.

$cat /proc/interrupts

​92:     0     0 lan78xx-irqs 17 Edge   usb-001:005:01

However, once the cable is connected and rebooted, the ip is normal and the communication is normal.

Connecting usb LAN7850 to ubuntu x86 works fine.

When the cable is disconnected, the usb interrupt does not seem to be transmitted normally. What is the problem?

Any solution?

Fix lan78xx.c or microchip.c