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I am a 100% new to the stm32mp1 series. I have been working with the stm32f3 most recently.

I need help with direction on where should I start, down to the selected hardware. (not sure if stm32mp1 is even the right choice)

So here is what at trying to accomplish:

HTML5 Integration Protocol, Client Application Link:

The client (stm32) sends a multicast JSON message containing information. The MFD parses the JSON message and, when appropriate, display the webpage with the icon.

I need to know how to send the contents in the .json file, it would be nice if I could upload my .json file to sd card send it the via ethernet.

Any direction would be much appreciated!!

I am truly sorry for the lack of knowledge.



Hi, @Zoomer,


As you said that you are discovering the STM32MP1 series, I could suggest that you have a look at the STM32 MPU wiki (, if you don’t know it yet.

The following articles might be interesting for you:

Hope this information helps.




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