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SPI pinctrl information doesn't show up correctly although SPI bus function properly, is this correct? I expect "AF5" show up instead of "Analog" for pin function.

Associate II

On my custom board, I configured PZ0, PZ1, PZ2 for SPI1 with device tree, and linux kernel probed successfully and populate spidev node and it works fine, but if look at debug information in /sys/kernel/debug/pinctrl/, it populate something like "pin 400 (PZ0): device 44004000.spi function analog group PZ0", I expect "AF5" for pin function instead of "analog", especailly for this case it has configured as SPI alternate pin already. Is this a kernel bug or some trick I have to do with device tree?

Associate II

I saw samething with DK2 board also,

ST Employee


is your Device Tree generated using CubeMx ?

Which ecosystem version are you using ?

could you please check if uboot and kernel device tree are identical ?

could you share related device tree nodes (pinctrl and spi only) ?


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