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Raspbian, Python, and TkInter

Associate II

I am working on a product. For prototype, I have used Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with Raspbian operating system and firmware in Python 3. For GUI, I used TkInter library. For mass production, I am trying to figure a cost-effective option, and I came across STM32WB series. I am wondering if STM32WB micro controllers (or any ST micro controllers) support the following:

  • Raspberry o/s
  • Python 3
  • TkInter GUI library

Please advise.


Accepted Solutions
Associate II

It is not running Linux, it is a relatively small micro-controller, might cram MicroPython on it

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Associate II

Are there any other boards with ST micro controller and support Raspbian operating system?

Chief II

Raspbian = Raspberry Pi + Debian. It is made for particular boards, not everything!

And Linux, Python, TkInter and such things are not for Cortex-M and other microcontrollers, but for Cortex-A and other powerful cores with MMU, like STM32MP1, which is not a microcontroller.

Associate II

Thanks, Clive for your response.

We do not need Raspbian. It is okay to any free or open source o/s that supports Python and TkInter.

If we are to go with Cortex-A or similar powerful MMUs, do you recommend a specific board that meets our requirements?

Associate II

ST released a few development boards. For example, the one below:

It looks like this one comes with a touchscreen?

Supports Linux?

Do you think this supports my requirements of running Python with TkInter GUI library?

Associate II

It looks like it may support Python 3 and TkInter:

Hi @RNama​ 

Thanks for your interest in STM32MP1

The STM32MP157A-DK1 board doesn't have touch screen nor Wifi/Bluetooth.

STM32MP157C-DK2 board have both.

Indeed, OpenSTLinux distribution support Python 3 and Tkinter.


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