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Qt libraries missing from V1.2.0 st-example-image-qt image

Associate III

Hi Guys,

I just upgraded from STM32MP15-Ecosystem-v1.0.0  to STM32MP15-Ecosystem-v1.2.0 and having issues with several Qt libraries not included in the image “st-example-image-qt�?  (total of 35 missing out of 60). I have built this a couple times from scratch and no luck. All of the missing are included in the v1.0.0 revision that I built previously.

I have diffed the meta-qt5 layer configurations and recipes, plus the and not seeing any significant differences that would cause this.

Oddly, when I build the SDK, all of the missing libraries are included.

Has anyone run into this issue, has anyone been successful?   I can sort this out for myself if others are not having this issue. Just want to know if it this is an already known problem.

I have followed instructions from

Here’s a list of what is missing:

Thanks for your help!

Senior II

Hello @JSpra​ ,

I confirm - the listed libraries are missing in v1.2.0.

Hovewer I found a lot of qt5 libraries available to be instaleld by apt-get.

I'll keep you informed when I find out more.

Best regards,


Senior II

Hello @JSpra ,

those libs were removed to save space.

But they are still available in:

  - packagegroup-framework-sample-qt-extra

   - packagegroup-framework-sample-qt-extra-examples

defined in recipes-samples/packagegroups/

Just add it to

Best regards,


Associate III

Hi Milan,

This is great help!  I am almost there, all but a few libraries are back in my image (see below for missing).

Do you know if I need to create a custom packagegroup for these? Or is there something else that I am missing.

Still missing:

Thanks again for your help!