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Porting STM32MP1 on custom board : stuck at "Booting BL32", where to go next?


After following the wiki page "how to create your board device", I am exactly in the situation indicated at the end of this page : "The execution should fail just after the "Booting BL32" notice, because state definitions are missing in the device tree (in the pwr node overlay)".

For information, I don't use the Yocto (layers etc) env and the full OpenSTLinux distrib, but rather a custom buildchain and the ***-stm32mp-r2 sources (TF-A 2.4, U-boot 2020.10 & linux 5.10 with lightened conf). All of this works well on the EV-1 board using the associated ST conf (dts etc.) and I am now trying to port all that on a custom board.

In my porting task, I am then guessing the next step is to add custom-made conf in device trees, especially the pwr node. I would get inspiration from the EV-1 dts but my custom board does not have a PMIC as our stm32mp151 doesn't need to manage low power modes (which should make it more simple?), among other little differences.

Where could I find ressources / doc / training / guides/ examples of those next steps of board-specific configurations (pwr, rcc, clk...) ?

I think the AN5256 "discrete power supply" will help me along the way, as well as the embedded documentation in the source packages, but these are much less beginner-friendly than the how-to guides.

ST Employee

Hi @Théo Tourrès​ 

maybe this post might help you as pointing some places of examples of discrete power device tree.


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