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New user from useradd not found on the /etc/passwd

Associate III

Hi all.

I am adding a new user to my Linux image. After generating the image I verify the `/etc/passwd` on the rootfs and the new user is not present. When I try to login to this new user on the running image itself, it doesn't work. As I am using the "read-only-rootfs" feature, I think some extra setup is required to fix this issue.


In order to build my recipe, I followed the instructions from .

How to add a new user properly with the read only rootfs feature?


PS. I am setting another partition on the /home. So this folder is writable.



ST Employee

Hi @vfranchi ,

to add a new user, during a yocto training, we were using the following, but I'm far to be an expert:

# create password hash using openssl
openssl passwd -5 MY_PASSWORD
# you get a hash string in a form of $5$nnn...nnn$nnn...nnn

# add hash in my-image (prefix each $ by \)
gedit ../../layers/meta-my-layer/recipes-core/images/
	inherit core-image extrausers
	EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS += "useradd -p '\$5\$nnn...nnn\$nnn...nnn' MY_USERNAME;"


Hope this helps.


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Hi @PatrickF 

Thank you for your reply.

I tried the `EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS` before, but it does not work due the read-only-rootfs option. I guess it is because Yocto adds the users after the rootfs recipe is done and then due the immutability it does not work. If I remove the read-only then it works just fine.

Regarding the `core-image` inherit  from your example, do you know if it causes the users to be added at another moment on the build?

Thank you.