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New - STM32 MPUs Ecosytem Release V2.1

ST Employee

Dear STM32 MPU Community,

We are please to announce that New MP1 Ecosystem V2.1.0 is available.

Please check out the Release note on STM32 Wiki to get complete description of content and new features.

Please pay attention to the following :

  • Ubuntu 20.04 support
    • Complete ecosystem has been validated with Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 20.04
    • Ubuntu 16.04 is no longer validated and so recommended.
    • PC_prerequisite has been updated accordingly

  • X11 sample image was removed from OpenSTLinux distribution as X11 will be tagged as a future "Abandonware" versus Wayland
  • QT eglfs sample image was improved to reach better performances
  • QT wayland sample image was added: more relevant for the OpenSTLinux distribution

  • New Cube Firmware package STM32CubeMP1-v1.3.0,
    • General updates to fix known defects and enhancements implementation for HAL, LL, CMSIS, BSP
    • New SMARTCARD HAL driver

  • STM32CubeMX
    • New Boards 800 MHz support - STM32MP157F-DK2 ( available by end on November 20)

As usual, this new release has been opportunity to update and enrich the Wiki Online User Document ! 

Please visit

Hope you will enjoy this new release.

In case any questions, issues .. this Community is made for you !

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