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Need recommendation for camera that can do 60fps @ 640x480


I am working with an STM32MP157F-DK2 board and would like to connect a camera. My requirement is no less than 60fps capture, but it can be at 640x480 resolution. Is this device and bus capable of supporting 60fps capture? And if so, can someone recommend a camera module that hopefully already has Linux support? Thank you!

ST Employee

HI @Phaserblast , please have a look to AN5470 STM32MP1 Series interfacing with a MIPI® CSI-2 camera.

We could reach somewhat around 24MPixels/s which mean 640*480 x 60fps (18.5Mpixels/s) is ok.
in this AN, we used a 5 Mpixels OV5640 MIPI CSI-2 camera sensor through the STMIPID02 MIPI CSI-2 deserializer. I don't know if this sensor could be setup to 640*480 x 60fps.

Alternatively, there is a 2Mpixels sensor used on this STM32MP13 board. Sensor is compatible with STM32MP15 + STMIPID02 too:

Dual lane CSI Camera Module with GC2145-CSP sensor   HONGJIA AS-DB548A12M15-35


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