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how to use reserved-memory in linux on stm32mp157

Associate II

hi experts 

i am not sure this is a right place to use  and  not good at English     please be generous

i am not good at linux , 

i read a wiki "STM32MP15 RAM mapping" and googled some information

i use kernel and u-boot from developerPackage

i have no plan to use M4 , so i like to give  MCU sram to linux system

in device tree  if i remove "no map"  property in reseved memory's retram, mcuram,mcuram2  configuration  and also  remove  m4_rproc's memory-region property  is it enough ?

without no-map    does  MCURAM which  has  device tree with "compatible = "shared-dma-pool"  be used as linux system shared-dma-pool ? 

another question is  from wiki SRAM4  i can't find  example  configuration in device tree, where could i get that ? 

thank you  sincerely